Writer's Club

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This is a student managed club that knows how to have fun. We created this club for fellow writers to meet, have fun, and give praise and helpful criticism to other member's work. If you are interested in joining, please come to a meeting! All you need to do to become a full member is fill out a membership form. Without a membership form, you will not be included in extra club activities, as we will be unable to contact you.

For members, we will be publishing a book at the end of the year composed of some pieces of your work and your LIST.  Please turn them in.  Your list is to be approached as an essay.

Optional downloads (the above downloads are pdfs):
membershipform.docx  (old version, but still acceptable)

The Writer's Unofficial Oath

"I promise solemnly: to write as often and as much as I can, to respect my writing self, and to nurture the writing of others.  I accept these responsibilities and shall honor them always.  Halleluiah Amen."

2013 Leaders

President: Kris
I'm "Madame Dictator" and the creator of Writer's Club.  I run the website, email, and Facebook page, send updates weekly, and write many of the prompts.  I also manage trips, money, and take videos and pictures of the club with Kae for our end of the year slideshow.

Vice-President: Jamie
I am one of the original founders and "Secretory" of Writer's Club.  My main job is to run the club both in and out of school.  I keep everything in check.  If you need something, come to me.

Vice President: Emily
I'm the "Princess" of Writer's Club. Most of my duties are not pre-delegated, but you will often see me up running the club. I do a variety of oddball jobs behind the scenes, which mainly entail being there for the Dictator to bounce ideas off of, rant to, scheme with and the like, as well as keeping said dictator from accidentally killing herself with stress or negligence of basic life needs. Because keeping the dictator alive and dictating is definitely within my interests.