Writer's Club

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Article I: Name of Club and Sponsor

The club's name shall be Writer's Club and our faculty sponsor is Mrs. Lancia.

Article II: Purpose of Club

We have created this club for fellow writers to meet, share their writing, and give helpful commentary to the other members' work.  We focus on creative writing of any genre, but will be covering other units such as journalism , playwriting, and poetry. We usually share the homework prompt and then proceed to write and share an in-club prompt. It is not required to write the prompts given, but if you never participate, it will be requested that you do or leave the club. 

Article III: Powers

Changes to the constitution requires a majority within the Leaders. Leaders have veto power on the subject of the voting. Every other member receives one vote.

Article IV: Meetings

We meet every Friday at 2:30 until 3:45.

Article V: Membership

To join, you must fill out a membership form. To remain a member, you must attend at least half of the meetings each semester. This means, if you're going to a different club on the same day, you could alternate every other meeting between that club and ours. Sickness and making up work for a teacher are acceptable excuses, but skipping club for homework unless you are failing the class is not.

Article VI: Dues

There are no monetary dues for joining. The only money required from members is for club trips and t-shirts. Donations to the wilting treasury are love.
Article VII: Officers and Duties

There are three main Leaders as of now: President, Vice-President, and President Pro-Tempore The president runs the website and Facebook page, sends out updates, manages data/money, and writes some prompts. He/she also manages the club t-shirts and the club calendar. The Vice-President keeps everything in check, and is the go-to person for members. The President Pro Tempore deals with matters of attendance and whatever needs done. This person watches the members for any problems that may arise. Duties may be shuffled around depending on the circumstance.

Article VIII: Elections and Requirements

The Leaders must at least be sophomores. They must not be failing any classes, enjoy writing, and be responsible and dedicated to club. On the matter of elections, currently, this is not a democracy. (We just like to give you the illusion that it is.) The future positions will be managed by the current Leaders, but if a member is against the proposition, they may object and then a majority member vote is needed to pass that person as a leader.

Article IX: Activities, Projects and Community Service

Our projects include three or so annual writing contests and weekly in-club and homework prompts. Writer's Club also participates in the homecoming floats, Campus Beatification Days, Spirit Week, and Club Fairs. We take two or three annual trips as a club, and social gatherings are organized often. One particular project we are currently undertaking is our Book. We plan to self-publish a book containing writings from every member and memories from club that year. Writer's Club prides itself on committing to Relay For Life, a cancer fundraiser, every year as well.